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Paros Beach
Paros feels like your own little private island paradise. It’s surrounded by golden sand beaches, crumpled with rugged hills, and dotted with quaint white churches. There are a few different villages here to explore which, with a rental car, will keep you perfectly entertained. And if you can arrive on shoulder season (mid-June for example) then you’ll have lovely warm temperatures and the island all to yourself.

Tserki Paros
Funnily enough, our phones autocorrect Paros to Paris, which is not so far-fetched when you’re standing in the doorway of local patisserie Tserki. And just like the French capital, at Paroikia hotspot Tserki you’ll also find divine chocolate mousses, layered gateaux slices, fluffy sponges, chocolate pots and fruit tarts… everything your sweet tooth could wish for really.

Tserki Paros
Confirming that you are indeed in Greece is what we affectionately called the honey cabinet – stocked with baklava in its many forms, giant meringues with dark chocolate ganache, traditional milk pie and of course an utterly ridiculous chocolate pie that threatens to break even the most fanatical chocoholics.

Tserki Paros
Sweet dreams are made of this… palm trees, 30 degrees, and your choice of either a light milk chocolate mousse with caramel topping (€4.00) or a toasted almond crusted sponge torte with real vanilla bean cream, fresh fruit and sticky berry jam (€2.50). Bliss!

Tserki Paros
At Tserki everything is sweet, even the staff. They wanted to warn us that the racks of fresh baked giant chocolate chunk cookies had peanut butter in them, in case we died and went to cookie heaven I suppose.

Tserki Paros
In case the chocolate mousse fiend sitting next to you refuses to share, go back inside and request a mini molten chocolate cake. Sleep off that guilty feeling with an afternoon nap – you’re on holiday after all.

Tserki Paros
Can’t face any more sugar? Keep your eyes to the beautiful floor as you make your escape.

Tserki Paros
Paros is full of little bakeries and sweet shops, but Tserki is the one that we kept going back to. Being given little paper bags with free orange scented sugar crusted shortbread – just to try – may have contributed.

Your favourite pitstop in Paros.


Kentriki Diastavrwsh
Lovely Paros


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