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It’s our last day on the exquisitely beautiful island of Santorini, and we have been given a most precious gift – the late checkout. An extra two hours to enjoy the paradise which is our balcony, gaze into deep blue sea, turn a few sun stripped pages of our books, and of course work up a little hunger.

skiza oia
The Greeks are a stylish bunch. The number of modern, chic little dining establishments in Santorini is amazing, and it’s not only decoration – lots of love is also being put into the outstanding food. Skiza café is another of these little treasures, a cute little two storey cave with panoramic views over Oia.

skiza oia
The cake cabinet greets us at the door, stocked with all the favourite Greek treats: walnut cake, chocolate cake, baklava and kataifi, cheesecake, mille feuille, bougatsa, strudel, and giant meringues sandwiched with chocolate ganache, more exotically known here as bezedes. A little sign tells us proudly that everything is baked in house.

skiza oia
But the cakes will have to wait, because there’s one prized front row table on the terrace upstairs that we need to race two other equally committed groups to!

skiza oia
Ordering can take a while, simply because the menu has so many worthy choices, while the spectacular views over the Agean demand most of your attention.

Eventually we choose the Greek breakfast (€12.00) which is beautifully presented, however not quite what we expected. The traditional yeast breads are just standard rolls, although we really appreciate that one happens to taste exactly like a scone. The honey is super floral as promised, but the olives and feta were quite average compared to what we’ve been spoilt with lately.

skiza oia
The filo pies are a popular choice at tables around us, and we too tried one with sundried tomato, olive and fresh anthotyro cheese (€6.00). It was a nice balance of flavours, if only we could turn up their volume a little – the light flavoured fresh cheese is a little lost here.

skiza oia
The Greek coffee is authentic but too strong and bitter for us, leaving us thinking that the previous brews we enjoyed elsewhere were spiked with sugar for our tourist palates. The vanilla cake seemed more promising, with its deliciously heavy and very moreish crumb, except it was pungent with artificial vanilla.

skiza oia
Despite a few shortcomings, we ate really well in this popular spot. Skiza is also a pizzeria which earns it great reviews, but with so much incredible and inexpensive Greek food nearby (try Skala restaurant), it seems a real compromise to eat pizza and spaghetti in Oia.

A sweet little café with magic views.

Check out Skiza’s menu here:

Skiza Oia Menu

Skiza Café & Pizzeria
Nikolaou Nomikou
Oia, Santorini

Skiza | Oia, Santorini
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