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Silo Coffee
The sprawling urban chaos of Berlin has changed a lot since our last visit five years ago. It’s cooler, edgier, and even more international – a bustling creative hub so unlike other German cities. English is replacing German, luxury brands are moving in, Mykita is making these uber-cool sunnies, and there’s a pop-up store in Bikini Berlin for onesies. Europe’s start-up wonderland is growing fast, and as a city reinventing itself it is really pushing the boundaries. This Valentine’s Day, we declare our love for Berlin.

Silo Coffee 02
Silo Coffee represents the introverted side of this awesome city and is full of such types. As the name implies, it’s design style is industrial, almost austere, and tables are not at all communal. As you might expect, ordering and payment is transactional and both are done at the counter. 

Silo Coffee
You can drop by with your laptop and take advantage of the many power plugs lining the native brick walls, good news for those who didn’t get along with The Barn‘s techie ban. For a while it’s silent, keeping true to character, and then the minimalist tracks start playing, on low volume of course.

Silo Coffee
A mini iron pan plays host to the baked eggs (€7.80) with feta, topped with spicy tomato, red pepper and chilli salsa, and served with thick triangles of Sironi’s semolina sourdough. Honestly, I think the bread needs salt, but the Italian sitting next to me declares it perfection. Whatever your preference, combined with the stellar coffee, this must be hangover heaven.

Silo Coffee
The coffee owes its distinctively smooth and malty flavour to custom beans from local coffee institution The Barn. It is epically good coffee, with its subtle malt flavour making our cappuccino and latte suddenly very exciting.

Silo Coffee Berlin
Silo Coffee also has scrambled eggs (€9.00) sorted. Theirs are fluffy and creamy, fried in homemade herb butter, and stacked high with crispy slices of ham on Sironi’s sourdough. The pile of generously seasoned spinach is a worthy companion.

Silo Coffee Berlin
Interestingly, it’s actually the not-so-humble Bircher muesli (€5.20) that really steals the show. Rosewater poached plums bring the Turkish delight element into an extraordinary blend of oats, orange zest, spices, seeds, cranberries and coconut. This is brunch bordering on dessert, and crazy delicious – wish I had a bowl of this in my fridge every weekend!

Silo Coffee Berlin
Still have a few more lines to write? Stick around for lunch, when these chunky ham or vegetarian sandwiches (€4.50) arrive on the counter. No wonder takeaway is popular here.

Silo Coffee
From what we’ve read, this new wave brunch scene is brand new to Berlin. We hope places like Silo Coffee are here to stay.

Fuelling the Berlin start-up circuit.

Silo Coffee
Gabriel-Max-Straße 4
10245 Berlin

Check out the Winter 2015 menu here:

Silo Coffee Menu

Silo Coffee | Berlin
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