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schloss drachenburg
What to do on a sunny Saturday morning in Nord Rhein Westfalen? Visit pretty little Königswinter, and hike half an hour up the hill to Schloss Drachenburg for a gorgeous breakfast, great views over Bonn, a fairytale castle from the late 1800’s and a resident dragon (according to the myths at least).

schloss drachenburg frühstück
The Schloss Drachenburg breakfast (€12.50) really celebrates the excellent produce of local farmers and producers. The milk, quark, cheese and butter all come from farms in the region, while the bread is from the local Königswinterer oven, and all the jams are homemade. It is the quality of these ingredients that makes this traditional breakfast buffet really special.

schloss drachenburg frühstück
Bacon and sausages round out the buffet, along with the real treat of farmer’s honeycomb in its purest form. Eggs are made to order, boiled or scrambled, with boiled probably being your best option since the scrambled version was overcooked and therefore very dry.

schloss drachenburg frühstück
They are one of only two things that disappoint – the other is the coffee by jug leading us to request hot chocolates, which are artificial tasting and sadly come with mass manufactured cookies by Milka, which really don’t belong here.

schloss drachenburg frühstück
Nevertheless, there are many highlights. The croissants are made in the German style, giving them a much earthier flavour than traditional French croissants. Often this style can be a little dry, but these ones defy the laws of butter and are moist, fluffy and very moreish. Meanwhile the fruit loaf has a brioche-like base, meaning one slice easily leads into two or three… eek, we haven’t even got onto the bread basket yet!

German bread is by default delicious, and this selection represents the best of the heavier, heartier varieties. There’s a great choice of homemade jams too, which remind us why we don’t like that awful paste in mini plastic containers that are so popular elsewhere. We are not plum jam people, but this plum jam, well… lucky the jar doesn’t fit in my handbag.

schloss drachenburg
Following breakfast you can explore Schloss Drachenburg (with an entry ticket, adults €6), and enjoy spending time in the gardens – we spotted several visitors who had brought a book to read.

From there you can climb further up to visit the castle ruins of Burg Drachenfels and lookout point, where you’ll find another restaurant and cafe, currywurst stall and lots of icecream for your efforts. Those who can’t make the half hour hike can take the historical tram (adults €10 return).

A great idea to kick off your exploration weekend.

Schloss Drachenburg
Breakfast served in the “Vorburg” (entrance building)
DrachenfelsStrasse 118
53639 Königswinter

Schloss Drachenburg | Königswinter
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