Friday 20 March | 2015

Fun things to do in Berlin during winter – iceskating on the roof tops. Today the ice rink on top of Bikini Berlin is drenched in sun, so we take some time out on the nearby terrace, and enjoy the live music. Berlin is good like that. There are as many opportunities to party here as there are to relax, and sometimes you can even combine both at once, like at this breakfast hotspot we’re going to introduce you to.

It was the stunning food photography on the website of Papi Crunch that drew us in to this nightclub-turned-café space. Indeed the dance music is still going quietly, and the bar is only a few metres away, but the windowside tables are flooded with sunshine and the wooden tables and chairs give off a casual Sunday vibe.

 Papi Crunch 02
Apparently Papi Crunch is Mexican and Spanish inspired. Quatsch – the menu has a clear South-East Asian influence, with its lime splashed soda water, slow cooked duck, black and white sesame sprinkled eggs and Vietnamese coffee (€3.00). This three-level condensed milk brew is more sophisticated than the original Kopi we drank in Malaysia, served in plastic bags with a straw (see it to believe it). But one sip of its European cousin and we are happily taken back to the humid city jungle of Kuala Lumpur.

 Papi Crunch 03
Not for long though, now we’re in Italy. The first dish brought to the table is a surprise: garlicky bruschetta with diced tomato and olive oil. This is a real scene setter – it is very hard to go back to sweet food after this! There is a clear line separating garlic and pancakes, and it should not be crossed. So lunch it is.

Papi Crunch 07
Poached eggs are notoriously difficult to pull off, but Papi Crunch takes a page out of the molecular gastronomy book, to bring us these perfectly poached 65 degree eggs.

 Papi Crunch 05
Served in what seems like a giant noodle bowl, they come with soft potato slices, spicy chorizo and lots of garlicky croutons, in an unstructured textural feast by the name of Huevos Rancheros (€8.00). Guess this is where Mexico joins our party, although I do think they could have dressed up better.

Papi Crunch 04
The 72-hour slow cooked duck carnitas (€13.00) is super tender and full of flavour that is soaked up by the polenta. It’s a heavy dish, even for lunch, but if you’re a fan of duck then drop by and give this one a go. Most say it’s the best duck they’ve ever eaten.

 Papi Crunch Berlin 06
You’ll need a reservation for lunch here and the menu changes a lot, so ignore our rating, drop by and make your own mind up.

Just the spot to debrief after last night.

Papi Crunch at Parker Bowles
Prinzenstrasse 85d
10969 Berlin

Here are the menus:

Papi Crunch Menu Papi Crunch Specials Menu

Papi Crunch | Berlin
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