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The streets of Athens are a bit of a shock at first, especially if you’re fresh off the plane from another city that’s as clean and pristine as Frankfurt. We’re hit with crumbling pavements, crazy art installations, vibrant people, graffiti, colour, and perhaps most noticeably, 33 degrees. It takes all of two hours to adjust, relax and fall in love with this chaotic capital.

Nancys Sweet Home
A little bit of the madness goes into the best Greek kitchens, which churn out the most unbelievable desserts you can imagine. Think pastry drowned in sticky syrups, cakes swimming in melted chocolate, and plates piled high with ice cream, strawberries, and whipped cream dusted with cinnamon. Only the brave will make it to the last bite at Nancy’s Sweet Home.

Nancys Sweet Home
Forget everything you know about sugar, calories, and portion size, and make like the tall Greek philosopher standing in front of me who is lost in deep thought as he considers his options. The favourite of Nancy’s staff is the love cake, which regretfully we never ended up trying. If you’ve been there and done that, please tell us about it in the comment section below!

Nancys Sweet Home
The cosy atmosphere of Nancy’s Sweet Home complete with vases of flowers and cinnamon sticks is perfect to catch up with friends and fellow travellers. Order yourselves one of their strong coffees, good for boosting metabolism – you might have walked around sightseeing all day, but you’ll still need all the help you can get… as the signature Nancy’s Sweet Home cake shows.

Nancys Sweet Home
It would be unfair to call this a piece of chocolate cake, although technically that’s what it is. The divine version at Nancy’s Sweet Home is three times larger than you expect, and pimped with not one but two hot chocolate sauces – milk and dark. Speaking as someone with a serious daily chocolate addiction, this monster of a chocolate cake cured my cravings for three days straight.  

Nancys Sweet Home
In case you’re not a chocolate fan, there is an equally decadent option for you too. Meet the oh-so-humbly named double cream cake, which tastes like a giant lemon cheesecake on a syrupy almond nut base, finished with lashings of cream and a nutmeg sprinkle. Yes, it will give you headache, and yes, it will be worth it.

Nancys Sweet Home
A jazz remix of Crazy in Love takes us from a lazy afternoon to balmy summer evening, as the streets and restaurants slowly fill up outside. Nancy’s Sweet Home is magnet for the locals, but also attracts a few tourists from its enviable corner street position.

Nancys Sweet Home
A couple of days in unforgettable Athens is all you need before heading out to the beautiful islands – make the most of them and don’t forget to drop by Nancy’s Sweet Home.

Your Greek dessert paradise.


Nancy’s Sweet Home
1 Plateia Iroon
Athens, Greece

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