Friday 29 January | 2016

Prague Snow
A cold winter’s day in Prague… but don’t feel sorry for anyone living there. They’ve got a city that feels like a thriving metropolis despite its small size, beautiful buildings, clean streets, genuine people, and a forward thinking culture that has embraced expats, technology and its burgeoning startup scene.

Muj Salek Kavy Prague
Not to mention the food – from stellar Sa Sa Zu to Meat and Greet (which might even rival Freddy Schilling in Cologne), Prague is dotted with go-to international foodie destinations. We can’t even imagine how you might pronounce the name of this particular cafe properly –Můj šálek kávy – but the baristas are masters of microfoam and you can get a really decent coffee here.

Muj Salek Kavy Prague
Můj šálek kávy also offer their signature mocha – blending their sourer fresh coffee notes with real chocolate hot chocolate, and sprinkled with coconut chips. Does it work? We’re not sure, but it’s a tastebud teaser that entertains us all morning.

Muj Salek Kavy Prague
More simple are the scrambled eggs, which are just that, with good white toast and a chunk of butter. It’s no-nonsense nourishing and promises a solid start into your day.

Muj Salek Kavy Prague
At the height of winter, the fruit selection at most markets is rather dull, so we have to raise our glass of orange juice to Můj šálek kávy for rounding up the best blueberries, kiwifruit, apple, pear and orange available. A drizzle of honey and a dollop of yoghurt later, and we’ve almost left winter behind.

Muj Salek Kavy Prague
The atmosphere here is rather homely and chilled. A queue has formed for coffee and tables, and like everywhere in Prague you’d do well to have a booking. People drop in, and nobody really wants to leave.

Muj Salek Kavy Prague
The real star of the show is the pancakes, a twinset of cinnamon dusted delight, with poached pears and yoghurt and a welcome absence of artificial syrups. These are lovely light pancakes that pack lots of flavour and won’t make you feel sick afterwards.
Muj Salek Kavy Prague

Of course if sugar is your thing, try one of the cake cabinets, well stocked for winter with cakes, tarts and cookies.
Muj Salek Kavy Prague

A warm winter’s escape you’ll love.


Můj šálek kávy
Křižíkova 386/105
186 00 Prague
Czech Republic

Figure out what you’re going to spoil yourself with here:

Muj Salek Kavy Menu Prague


Můj šálek kávy | Prague
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