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There is really only one decent reason to leave the comforts of my sunlounger today: hunger. I have avoided it for as long as possible, distracting myself with a mid morning snooze, taking my sandy feet for a little dip in the cool water, even sipping on a fresh fruit and muesli smoothie made by the saints at Google Beach. But I can’t take the unbearable lightness of being hungry any longer (also the name of a brilliant Sydney food blog by the way).

le palais des pains
To be honest, I am not a big fan of French food after 3pm. This helpful little trait has saved me a number of kilos, being an unstoppable gourmand however when it comes to French breakfast, boulangerie and patisserie. And for these indulgences I have a clear favourite in Cannes: Le Palais des Pains.

le palais des pains
A few movie stars grace the walls here, but otherwise it is mostly a place for locals, who stream in to Le Palais des Pains to take away filled baguettes, salads with couscous, loaves of bread and boxes of petit tarts and gateaux. For those with less to do there is a small dining area, and bench seating across the window where you can watch the motorcycles, tourists and little dogs on leashes go by.

les palais des pains
The selection of baked delights here is amazing, and none of them last long long. Behind the counter, ovens churn out fresh quiches and trays of pastries, refilling the basket lined shelves and welcoming anyone outside with the irresistible smell of freshly baked bread.

les palais des pains
On this hot summer’s day, my choice is the simple chicken salad (€5.00 including bread) and a bottle of sparkling water. So often, this is exactly what I want for lunch – fresh, light, flavourful and filling, but almost impossible to find anywhere. The matching olive bread is gorgeous, flaking apart in actual layers of sourdough goodness, with a crust that has just enough crunch and just enough chew.

les palais des pains
Eating salad for lunch means a desert is in order, and this is exactly the place to find it. Again the variety here is amazing, and the locals do well to just order a box of different treats.

les palais des pains
Lemon tarts, mille feuille, and… raspberry eclairs? Yes, raspberry eclairs. Lime cheesecake too. And you and I both know how well raspberry and lime work together.

les palais des pains
Alas, it was beautiful, but the beach beckons, and so I must return… with two little paper bags in tow.

Très frais, très local, très délicieux.

Le Palais des Pains
16 Rue Jean Jaurès
06400 Cannes

Le Palais des Pains | Cannes
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