Friday 18 July | 2014

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Today we all woke up to a windy day in Cannes, but nobody was really bothered. Without a single cloud in the sky the sun beamed down a perfect 26 degrees, and everyone was quite happy to plaster themselves on the warm white sand for the morning.

le pain quotidien cannes
Including me, except first I faced an important decision: whether to hunt down a divine little boulangerie and steal away with several paper bags full of buttery golden treasure, heading for the nearest side street like a greedy alleycat, leaving a telling trail of flaky crumbs and sugar sprinkles behind me… or to make like a French woman who doesn’t get fat and slouch into a cosy café corner with a hot chocolate made mostly of chocolate, cute little boiled eggs with dipping toasts, almond brioche and a token fruit salad.

le pain quotidien
Le Pain Quotidien happens to call out along my route, and inside I find a gorgeous little spot next to the window, where I can admire what everyone else has ordered and battle away at a mild case of food envy.

Industrial hanging lamps, lots of wood and an unfinished stone wall give a raw and natural feel to what is actually just one branch of a successful chain that has made it around the world.

le pain quotidien cannes
Perhaps influenced by the weather, I am dreadfully indecisive today. Here is a list of things I should have eaten: gaufres de Liège au sucre (€4.90) – make sure you’re informed about that here, or pain perdu d’antan (€4.20) being brioche French toast of course, or the baked omelette with ham and 24-month aged Comté cheese (€8.80), which ideally would have been followed up with a little torsade au chocolat bio (€2.80)… it is all quite overwhelming really. Which might be why I reverted to toast. Toast!! I know.

le pain quotidien
It wasn’t just any toast, to be fair. These were tranches des pains bio, céréales et raisions (€2.90). It’s fruity, it’s nutty, and sadly it’s a day old, but otherwise it would be very competitive with my Backerei favourites back home.

The Chocolat Chaud is served in two parts: a bowl of foamy milk along with a miniature jug of pure melted chocolate. Brilliant!

Le Granola Parfait (€6.90) is a generous serving of fresh summer flavours stacked in different layers, that does the desired job of putting a spring in my step on the way out.

le pain quotidien cannes
Many of the Le Pain Quotidien menu items are organic, and there’s a clear healthy influence over many of the menu items, including a L’Anti-Oxidant breakfast set, perfect for those who have overindulged already in Cannes (that’s all of you Festival people).

A great little spot to bring your fussy and most decisive friends.

Check out the breakfast and brunch menus here:

Le Pain Quotidien brunch menu Le Pain Quotidien breakfast menu

Le Pain Quotidien
La Croisette
5 Square Merimée

Le Pain Quotidien | Cannes
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