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Vienna is renowned as one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals, having largely escaped the ravages of war. The expensive streets are lined with historical buildings, monuments and even imperial palaces. You can choose to wander Sissy’s city at your own pace, or take a traditional horse and cart ride to soak up the unique atmosphere.


And when you’re ready to break with tradition, there’s Kussmaul. The contemporary glasshouse turns up the volume with an open kitchen, experimental patisserie, bright tableware and music with a beat. There are loads of reasons to come here, but the main one is their weekend brunch.

Kussmaul 01

Brunch at Kussmaul begins with a classic Melange – the Viennese cappuccino, barista made (surprisingly uncommon here) and exactly what you want to be drinking after staggering out of bed. And if their luxe creamy caffeine hit is not enough, their triple cocktail collection should do the trick.


Bloody Mary, Moscow Mule and Mimosa aside, it’s time to grace your morning with a large fluffy sourdough croissant. Follow that up with the scrambled eggs and fried avocado, just in case your thought avocado wasn’t delicious enough on its own.


The granola is a dark roast and nutty in flavour, with freeze dried raspberries and heavy Greek yoghurt. This is pretty close to our definition of perfect granola, although it seems The Grounds in Sydney might never be beaten.

Kussmaul Vienna

Taking a new twist on eggs Benedict, the Kussmaul version is served with cottage cheese for a vegetarian twist, and then grilled to make the hollandaise taste even more special.


All that savoury fare calls for something sweet – cue the mini blueberry pancake that makes us want to meet the parents. The sweet mascarpone like cream is orange scented and altogether, this grand finale in minature will make you want to sing.


Kussmaul’s bright flavours and colours are a winning formula for an otherwise lazy weekend morning. Vienna – we envy you!

Sure to brighten up your weekend.


Spittelberggasse 12
1070 Wien

See the menu here:

Kussmaul Menu



Kussmaul | Vienna

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