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It may not look like it, but the quaint looking city of Stuttgart is renowned for being the cradle of the automobile. Cars and motorcycles were invented here, and the global headquarters for Mercedes Benz and Porsche are just beyond those hills.

And so we should ask the critical question – what do car enthusiasts like to eat for breakfast?

Apparently quite a lot, because the menu at Stuttgart’s Kleinigkeit caters for almost everything you could wish for. The breakfast lineup includes eggs Benedict with ham or salmon, pancakes, French toast, lots of eggs, baked beans and bacon, breakfast sausages with sweet mustard, croissants, muesli, yoghurt, fruit salad, and all the classic German breakfast options and sides.

There’s really a lot of choice at Kleinigkeit, continuing with three different seating areas. The iron gateway opens to a pretty courtyard with brick walls, climbing vines, and wooden deckchairs vamped up with comfy lilac cushions. Just outside the main entrance are adorable little white tables with a view on the street, while inside the interior is basically an art gallery converted into a café.

Glossy white finishes, colour block artwork and carefully placed silver bird ornaments have us a little confused as to whether we should order pancakes or a painting. Kleinigkeit’s byline – essen und trinken (eating and drinking) – probably serves to help out visitors like us!

Fresh roses in vibrant colours and lots of lilac accents keep the feminine atmosphere going. Our coffees, a latte macchiato (€3.20) and cappuccino (€3.00) are generous although a little gritty, especially given the Illy blend.

The French toast (€7.50) is served with a pyramid of fresh fruit salad that includes melon, apple, mango, pineapple, grapes, blood orange and pomegranate seeds. The toast itself is beautifully caramelised and then splashed with a quality maple syrup. The cream provides richness to an otherwise fluffy toast, that is even crispy in parts too, and has none of the severe sweetness that we expected.

Hooray for classic eggs Benedict (€7.50). It’s been a long time since we enjoyed this English treat, and Kleinigkeit does a great job with perfectly poached eggs and authentic English muffins, which must be tricky to source around here.

Seeing a bagel (€4.90) on the blackboard specials was a welcome surprise too. Kleinigkeit serves it with fresh goat’s cheese, almonds and honey, although today they are out of goat’s cheese and offer fresh cream cheese instead. Again it’s a textural feast – the bagel is slightly chewy, offset by the soft creamy cheese, crunchy chopped nuts and sticky honey, then topped off with the juicy seeds of fresh figs.

There’s not a lot in the cake cabinet, so we order some tea while we soak up the last of the summer sun outside. The perfumed white Dammann tea (€2.50) is a classy option that ranges from floral to soapy, depending on who you ask! After a great meal and a healthy dose of Vitamin D, our car keys await.

Pretty little details – the perfect spot to bring your mum for brunch.

Kleinigkeit’s breakfast specials and menu can be found here:

Kleinigkeit Breakfast Specials Menu Kleinigkeit Breakfast Menu Pg1 Kleinigkeit Breakfast Menu Pg2 Kleinigkeit Breakfast Menu Page 3

Kleinigkeit – Essen und Trinken
Neue Weinsteige 8
70180 Stuttgart

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