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All eyes are on Athens at the moment, with Greece making headlines for all the wrong reasons. But anyone lucky enough to be visiting this beautiful country for the summer break will be spoilt with sunny skies and bright blue oceans, the friendliest people, incredible architecture, stylish streets and amazing food. It is – in short – Grexcellent.

Just Made 33 01
Feeling peckish after a morning of sightseeing? Make your way to Just Made 33. The popular little café is all about fabulous fresh food, including housemade quiches, pastries, superfood salads, and one of the best sandwich lineups we’ve ever seen.

Just Made 33 02
Everything is made with love, but in case you haven’t found your perfect sandwich match, Just Made 33 will configure you something delicious from their wide range of high quality ingredients.

Just Made 33 03
However we are more than satisfied with this gorgeous smoked salmon sandwich, which really shows off the outstanding Greek bread we seem to find everywhere! This one is a light, crunchy brown loaf with a generous coating of seeds, stuffed with salmon, dill sprinkle, cucumber, luxe mayonnaise, capers and spice, stacked majestically on a stone plate just waiting to be photographed.

Just Made 33 04
The minced beef and feta quiche might seem a little basic, but it’s equally delicious. Here the light pastry and heavy cheese topping is contrasted by a simple green salad dressed with zesty vinaigrette, for a balanced lunch option.

Just Made 33 05
The colourful red and white quinoa salad is studded with cranberries, pepitas and sunflower seeds, and topped with cottage cheese. When the temperatures rise above 30 degrees, a nice cool salad like this is the perfect prescription.

Just Made 33 06
Located at a noisy intersection of streets and people, Just Made 33 is a great place to stop and watch the world go by. Order a freddo cappucino, or homemade lemonade by the jar – with fresh lemon wedges, cucumber and mint leaves, country style and gritty with sugar.

Just Made 33 07
Speaking of sugar, it would be hard to leave without sampling the bougatsa. At Just Made 33 it is slightly warm, flaky and mostly solid custard, with just a little dusting of powder sugar and cinnamon… we’ll be back.

Unique sandwiches and coffee – as promised.


Just Made 33
Evaggelistrias 33
Athens 10560

Like to see the menu? Here it is…

Just Made 33 Menu 1 Just Made 33 Menu 2

Just Made 33 | Athens
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