Friday 13 February | 2015

Bonn Winter
There are officially 15 days of winter left, not that we are counting down or anything. It’s also Friday the 13th – so for those of you who get a little spooked, here’s a wonderful little café where you can really relax, and enjoy a great cup of tea or coffee too – in the gorgeous Altstadt of Bonn.

Jaz Cafe Bonn
Jaz Café stays true to its name. Inside it’s a little bit vintage, with its muted colours, delicate china tea sets, framed pictures and grandad’s sailing boat on the mantelpiece.

Jaz Cafe Bonn
Outside it turns rustic, with golden apples, fallen leaves and comfy tapestry cushions to sit on. As we tune out to the gentle jazz music, it seems we’ve found ourselves the perfect Sunday morning escape.

Jaz Cafe Bonn
Upon walking in, the first thing we notice is the smell of freshly baked cake. There are lot of cafés claiming their baked goods are housemade (despite us often spotting a woman arriving with a tray of cakes and an invoice), but at Jaz Café there is no mistaking the scent of freshly baked goods, it’s heavenly. And they taste amazing – more on that later!

Jaz Cafe Bonn
This is a café that takes a lot of pride in quality ingreditents and artisan products, mostly from France. We love the open cupboard stacked with preserves, olives, oils and chutneys, sauces and more – what great inspiration for your weekend cooking.

Jaz Cafe Bonn
And how is the coffee? Excellent. The Lucaffé blend is smooth with a kick, and the latte art on the cappuccino (€2.70) is oh so pretty. The Marocchino (€2.70), a hybrid of Latte Macchiato and a hot chocolate, is another worthwhile companion.

Jaz Cafe
Jaz Café offers a seasonal menu of lunch options, featuring lots of soups that are served with crusty bread and fresh cheese. The quiches also vary – this one is champignon and feta (€6.70), but today there is also zucchini and salmon. Everything down to the pastry and zesty vinaigrette is housemade, which makes it all so good.

Jaz Cafe Bonn
Time to visit the cake cabinet. On display is a classic cheesecake, a pile of chocolate truffles, apple and almond torte, orange tea cake, and a brownie style chocolate tart, so it helps if you have a clear favourite! As a big orange cake fan, I am delighted with my buttery and fluffy slice of heaven, topped with its perfect glossy orange glaze.

Jaz Cafe Bonn
Meanwhile the apple and almond torte is equally as delicious – again fluffy and fruity, and similar to what your mum might make (but just that little bit better). Served with a pot of the smoothest ever white Pai Mu Tan tea, Café Jaz is a must visit for morning or afternoon tea.

Jaz Cafe Bonn
Looking for a savoury style breakfast instead? Jaz Café has that covered too. This is the Frühstück Gourmandises (€14.95), taking standard German breakfast set to new heights with its high quality ingredients. The only downside: you can’t have any of the other breakfast options on Saturdays/Sundays.

Jaz Cafe Bonn
Whether we come back for breakfast, lunch or just cake, we’re not sure – but we’ll definitely be back.

Your new favourite living room in Bonn.

Jaz Café
Breite Strasse 69
53111 Bonn

See the menus below:

Jaz Cafe Frühstück Jaz Cafe Lunch Menu Jaz Cafe Seasonal Menu

Jaz Café | Bonn
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