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The cold has arrived, dressed in a grey coat large enough to drape over Cologne and all of her neighbouring cities. But the streets remain lively, and there are still leaves on the trees. Hiding just around the corner from this green canopy is Herr Pimock, a well visited establishment along the café strip of town.

Herr Pimmock
Herr Pimock is a mischievious character, played out in the worn and paint stripped tables, the well stocked bar and masculine 1970’s toned furniture. Open until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays, and a favourite among students, you can bet this café and bar could tell a lot of stories.

Herr Pimmock
Indeed for Herr Pimock, as night turns into day, the lines become blurred between bar and café. And so the latte (€2.80) turns up in a Smirnoff glass, with a homemade cookie and a Jack Daniels serviette. Sobering though is the ever awesome Van Dyck coffee, which we happily dunk our delicious coconut crisps into.

Herr Pimmock
Breakfast could end quite nicely there, but instead we follow up with a few classics – buttermilk pancakes (€5.90), scrambled eggs (€5.50) and muesli in a glass (€4.50). The eggs are fine, heavy but not too dry, and probably very similar to what your brother or husband would throw together in an attack of hunger.

Herr Pimmock
Herr Pimock’s muesli in a jar is an example of a giant mistake that ended up being a raving success. The deviant creation soaks regular toasted muesli in warm milk (and cream too we suspect) to deliver something between bircher muesli and sweet porridge. It is technically all wrong, but rather brilliant anyway.

Herr Pimmock
Also on the table are the pancakes, served American style with bacon. They are very heavy, as if they just added more flour to a crepe batter. Despite being super sweet, the addition of meat somehow positions them as another dish for the boys.

Herr Pimmock
Time to wash it all down with a second Van Dyck cappuccino (€2.30), served in a cup from some other coffee brand. Scandalous really, but we have come to expect such things from Herr Pimock.

Herr Pimmock
It would be nice to linger here a little longer. In the end it is Herr Pimock himself, looking dapper with his coat, moustache and top hat, that politely sends us on our way.

A great spot for the guys.


See the brunch menu here:


Herr Pimock
Aachener Strasse 52
50674 Cologne


Herr Pimock | Cologne
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