Friday 27 March | 2015

Cologne House
It’s 21:05pm on a Friday night after a huge week, and instead of thinking about going out, watching movies or even breakfast tomorrow, I actually have some work to finish. My thoughts have turned to coffee, before I go crazy like this house in Cologne.

Heilandt Kaffee Cologne
And not just any ordinary caffeinated murky brown water, no. I want the good stuff. The artisan beans, single origin heritage, the far flung varieties, the organic and amazing. Nearby in Cologne it is Heilandt Kaffee that ticks my boxes, with a dreamy cappuccino that has this perfect microfoam.

Heilandt Kaffee Cologne
Those who walk through Heilandt Kaffee’s doors come with a clear purpose: kaffee trinken. There’s not much to eat here except the beautiful cakes from Dehly & deSander, which should be kept as decoration, because they never seem to taste very good. Too much butter despite being dry and quite flavourless – it’s all a mad paradox that you’re welcome to explore.

Heilandt Kaffee Cologne
So screw the cake, let’s talk coffee. Heilandt Kaffee has a selection of 12 blends to choose from, and the friendly staff are more than happy to help you find the right one for your brewing style of choice: French press, aeropress, filter, iron pot (mocha) and classic barista style.

Heilandt Kaffee Cologne
The organic Harar roast from Ethopia is the perfect choice for our aeropress craving today. It makes for a lightly coloured brew that is so smooth you will hardly believe it. There is no noticeable acidity or bitterness, and it tastes of vanilla, toffee, chocolate and most significantly blueberry… yes really, blueberry!

Heilandt Kaffee Cologne
The interior is functional, but with many sweet design details that make relaxing here easy to do. Modern art drawings line the tables, coloured chairs, and white walls that serve as canvas for the grafitti painted skateboards and custom grafitti. Especially unique the soft brown muscovado sugar on our table, which will add a gorgeous deep caramel flavour to your coffee.

Heilandt Kaffee Cologne
The shelves are lined with the various coffee roasts to take home, and there’s also an aptly named ‘Schweinerei’ with treats to accompany your takeaway coffee.

Heilandt Kaffee Cologne

Heilandt Kaffee has a second branch where they also roast their many coffee varieties.

To borrow from Marie-Antoinette: Don’t let them eat cake – let them drink coffee.


Heilandt Kaffee
Bismarckstraße 41
50672 Köln

Heilandt Kaffee | Cologne
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