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Picadilly Circus
With all the rush, stress, and pollution of city life, not to mention late nights in the office and plenty of convenience food, it’s no wonder that most of us seek a sanctuary for good health. So collect your prescription for brunch at Grain Store, another King’s Cross hotspot famed for high quality ingredients, inspired dishes and lots of soul too.

Grain Store London
First we need to wake up though, with Grain Store’s coffee. It’s rugged with notes of cocoa, and we like it very much. The bubbly foam on our latte is welcome new territory, and it looks like a present with its microfoam heart and paradise green saucer. 

Grain Store London
Turned your back on coffee recently? Then start the day with a healthy Heidi smoothie, which is secretly a thick, rich and oaty breakfast treat with banana, buttermilk, oats, and the trendy new superfood that is bee pollen.  

Grain Store London
And then send your diet into the middle of next week with these awesome fries (£3.50), ready to dive into that fresh herb mayonnaise dip. We ordered these on the side of some kind of chicken burger on an English muffin, but honestly who cares about burgers when you have perfect fries like these.

Grain Store London
Heading back in the direction of brunch rather than lunch, this sweetcorn fritter-like yoghurt pancake (£9.50) certainly hits the spot. Buried under the wildest of peppery rocket, it’s full of chickpeas, spices, and topped with fresh avocado salsa. Even your mum’s fritter recipe can’t match this.

Grain Store London
Grain Store is not the right name for this bustling cafe. Sure it’s located on Granary Square, and maybe the name does relate well to natural ingredients… but the food here is too experimental for this humble moniker, and the atmosphere is tropical, with palm trees and glass lamps, cork wood tables, and tribal style music with bass. The Grain Store is actually more of a Greenhouse.

Grain Store London
Grain Store is redefining what it means to brunch. Exhibit A: Lyonnaise ‘bugnes’, a matcha tea crème brûlée, and raspberry sorbet (£6.00). Let me simplify the genius here – this is dessert for brunch, an idea really worth celebrating if you’re a crème brûlée fan.

Grain Store London
Exhibit B: white chocolate and lemon mousse, on an oatmeal carrot cake cookie (£6.00). It looks interstellar on it’s black stone plate, orbited by a sticky toffee sauce that ties all the components together and sends you into the next galaxy.

Grain Store London
Grain Store boasts an amazing and extensive menu, and you can certainly overeat here – but it’s all so nutritious that you’ll feel great for it, and walk out into the London sunshine humming.

Luxury brunching – guilt free.


Grain Store
Granary Square
1-3 Stable Street
King’s Cross
London N1C 4ABa

Menu as we enjoyed it:

Grain Store London Menu

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