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Growing up down under, we had a Ginko tree in our backyard. I remember my mother marvelling at its unique leaves that would change from green to bright yellow in the Autumn. This living fossil might also have been inspiration for the buzzing café Ginkgo, found in the inner city suburbia of Frankfurt am Main.

gingko frankfurt
With two leafy outdoor terraces, and the sun streaming in through floor to ceiling windows inside, our first difficult decision is where to sit.

gingko frankfurt
The second tough decision at Ginkgo is of course, what to eat. The menu mentions a 20 minute wait on the pancake and omelette, which makes them sound like the stars of the show, so we happily take the wait. (The quick to arrive fruit salad obviously helped too).

Our latte coffee (€3.20) is grand, in a huge glass, but it’s also the weakest coffee we’ve ever had.

gingko frankfurt
Indeed, serving sizes at Ginkgo are very generous, with the bio muesli and fruit (€7.20) being another example. The granola is a well balanced blend of crispy oats, caramelised nuts and seeds. It is reminiscent of those much loved candied nuts sold in the Christmas markets whose aroma drives everybody… well… nuts. The fruit salad, while perhaps predictable, is very fresh and the natural yoghurt is of good quality too.

gingko frankfurt
The pancake with maple syrup (€4.90) takes itself very seriously: it is literally a cake, in a pan, and its novelty collects lots of admiring gasps as it arrives on our small table. The serving size is enough for two people, if you were partial to a bit of sharing, which we are definitely not.

gingko frankfurt
The crust is a little thicker than expected and lends a welcome crunch, but the particular cooking oil used has tainted its delicate madeira flavour. Beyond this detail, the cake like interior is a delicious surprise. We order a side of yoghurt because unless you’re happy to drown it with maple syrup, it can be a little dry after a while.

gingko frankfurt
The omelette (€6.40) looks amazing. The waxy potato slices are a clever addition, and the side of fresh baked baguette works well too. However, the heavy handed glug of oil is swamping the texture, and overall it’s just too greasy for our tastes. That said, if you like fried eggs, you’ll most likely love this.

gingko frankfurt
Because we’ve been lounging at our sunny table so long, we get to see the scrumptious house baked cakes come out: a strawberry and quark tart, alongside a blueberry and apricot crumble torte. Traditional with a twist, these would definitely be worth further investigation, but after our huge breakfast we were left only wishing for a bite!

A few tweaks short of being a brunch spot favourite.

Berger Strasse 81
60316 Frankfurt am Main

Ginkgo Frankfurt Menu

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