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Imagine a Disneyland of England, with all the cliché English culture condensed into a giant theme park, that becomes a raving success while the original England falls apart. The curious Julian Barnes book is called England, England, and is the inspiration for this passionately English themed café in Dresden – also fondly known as England, England.

England England Dresden
Like the book, England, England is a caricature of itself, which is the very intention. And anyway, “Most people, in my opinion, steal much of what they are. If they didn’t what poor items they would be.” – Julian Barnes. There’s a fireplace, old armchairs, lace doilies, a picture of Her Majesty the Queen, and even a grandfather clock to admire.

England England Dresden
So how should one attend breakfast at this fine establishment? These beautiful girls set the bar very high in their glamorous vintage outfits, turning brunch into such a pleasant occasion.

England England Dresden
Of course the menu is also very British – starting with this generous serving of free range scrambled eggs, served alongside toast or thick crumpets with butter (€6.00). Real crumpets are near impossible to find in Germany, and these ones are just delightful.

England England Dresden
The atmosphere of England, England is homely, and most charming. There are black and white family photos on the wall, carpet below our feet, and kitschy paraphernalia like Cluedo and Thomas the Tank Engine toys in the cabinet nearby. The cosy tearoom vibe echoes the lounge of (an English) nana’s house, so the other perfectly fitting menu choice is high tea for one (€13.90).

England England Dresden
The High Tea is where England, England really goes to town. Choose your sandwich and stye of bread – perhaps the goats cheese with rocket and spicy gooseberry chutney will fit the bill, otherwise there is a blackboard full of fresh alternatives to decide upon. The delicate triangles are accompanied with fluffy scones, fig fruit rolls, and digestive biscuits to dunk in your tea. Bless!

England England Dresden
Take a moment to voyage into the larder, stocked with authentic preserves, jams, pickles, teas, biscuits and more. On this particular Easter weekend, England, England is also the go-to source for the famous Cadbury Creme Eggs. Fancy a bit of cake instead? Then don’t go past their cake display that includes homemade carrot cake and a chocolate and raspberry brownie.

England England Dresden
The short stroll is enough to whet the appetite once more. Lucky there is still a scone left, just waiting for some clotted cream and strawberry jelly. If you’ve never tried a scone before – England, England is a great introduction, otherwise we have a recipe here.

England England Dresden
What is so special about this hot chocolate? It’s Cadbury hot chocolate, topped with marshmallows (€3.20). Served in mix-and-match porcelain, it does taste just that little bit better.

England England Dresden
Unfortunately, due to another engagement we must make our presence felt elsewhere. But you, dear blog reader, can enjoy the pleasantries and good spirits of England, England.

A highly original and very loveable little café.


England, England
Martin-Luther-Straße 25
01099 Dresden

A few pages from the menu:

England England Menu 01 England England Menu 02 England England Menu 03

England, England | Dresden
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