Friday 13 March | 2015

Berlin Reflections
Berlin also does beautiful. On a quiet Sunday morning, wandering through the city you’ll find light and shadows playing on the luckiest of the old buildings, those still standing majestically after the tragedies now behind us.

Distrikt Coffee Berlin
Or maybe your morning stroll is actually more of a cold hearted crusade to sink a triple-shot cappuccino, chased down with sourdough toast or a not-so-healthy bowl of muesli. In this case, arm yourself with cutlery kids, because a fork fight is about to break out at Distrikt Coffee.

Distrikt Coffee Berlin
First to land on our table are the pancakes (€7.90). Don’t be cynical now – these really hit the spot, with their classic fluffy texture and flavour twist of berry compote, fresh pineapple, banana, caramelised nuts and a yoghurt drizzle. You won’t be bored, promise.

Distrikt Coffee Berlin
More fruit and caramelised nuts find their way into the granola (€4.90). This batch is in the original American style, with deeper dark sugar flavours and fine cut oats that nest themselves into clusters for your crunching pleasure.

Distrikt Coffee Berlin
With food so good we almost forgot the coffee. Distrikt Coffee is all about it, and we are happy to spot the slow filter Kalita coffee (€3.50) on the menu. Today’s barista knows what he’s doing – the cappuccino (€3.20) has a perfect glossy microfoam and our filter brew is silky smooth. If you want to try this at home, Distrikt Coffee offers barista training too. We bet it’s worth it, even if you just turn up to steal the spectacular Belleville beans.

Distrikt Coffee
Here’s a sight for sore Australian eyes: sourdough stacked high with avocado and feta (€7.50), simplicity at it’s best, with a kick of chilli to round out the flavours and keep you awake all morning.

Distrikt Coffee Berlin
Slept in? Skip to the cake (€3.50). Distrikt Coffee has all your favourites covered.

Distrikt Coffee Berlin
The biggest drawcard of Distrikt Coffee might be its super chilled atmosphere, with just enough noise to let you know it’s the weekend. It’s a big space with an interesting floorplan, with a cosy mezzanine level, and you can have a conversation without including the table adjacent. This level of brunching freedom is a luxury in the new genre of cafes.

Distrikt Coffee Berlin
Outside the sun is shining, the weather is fine. Whether on your bike or in the pram, after breakfast at Distrikt it’s sure to be a good day out.

Original with a twist.


Distrikt Coffee
Bergstraße 68
10115 Berlin

And we have the menu:
Distrikt Coffee Berlin Menu

Distrikt Coffee | Berlin
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