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Visiting the old city of Dresden is like wandering through an open air museum. The architecture is jaw dropping, and while there are plenty of locals and tourists around, the pedestrian friendly paths shut out all the traffic noise that so many other cities suffer from. The result is a quiet architectural oasis that might be Germany’s most beautiful city.

Café Tanteleuk Dresden 01
Once upon a time, Dresden was also known as the Jewel Box,  thanks to its baroque and rococo style city centre. And indeed, we have found our own jewel box here today – the cake cabinet of Tanteleuk.

Café Tanteleuk Dresden 02
There aren’t any real brunch options on the menu here, but instead you can enjoy freshly made sandwiches and bagels, or the amazing range of homemade cakes.  There’s an oven right under the counter of Tanteleuk and one is even prepared in the open kitchen during our visit! Here cakes are baked fresh throughout the day, explaining the delicious scent as you walk inside.

Café Tanteleuk Dresden 06
You’ll need to be the decisive type – today’s mouthwatering lineup includes a vegan pear and cherry crumble, a peanut brownie, cherry and hazelnut cake, red currant cake with meringue, and a show stopping raspberry and vanilla custard tart with coconut crumble. Want coffee with that? Try the Chomapresso: an espresso shot with chocolate, macadamia syrup and foamed milk.

Café Tanteleuk Dresden 03
Meet the Tanteleuk quark cheesecake with black currant jam and meringue. It’s oh so fluffy and sits upon the flakiest pastry base you can imagine. This heavenly slice belongs with big soft hotel pillows and a magazine on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Café Tanteleuk Dresden 04

A little bit naughtier is this chocolate cheesecake with an Oreo cookie base. Similarly light and moussy, this packs a lot of flavour without being too rich. Be warned though – one bite of this divine cake is enough to launch a full blown fork fight.

Café Tanteleuk Dresden 05
The sun is streaming onto the little balcony outside, and country music completes the very relaxed vibe here. Coming alone? You can keep yourself entertained with the curious decor – postcards of Dresden, a painting with different fishes, and wall tiles with all different animals – or find something to read in the stash of magazines.

Café Tanteleuk Dresden 05
Then just when you thought you could enjoy your cake and coffee and quietly leave, suddenly a half dozen mixed berry and dark chocolate muffins turn up on the counter. Generous in juicy berries and high quality chocolate, these very messy delights are nearly impossible to eat. You’ll love them, but take a serviette or three!

Café Tanteleuk Dresden 07
A+ for originality and truly delicious fanciful cakes, and the coffee is not bad either. Tanteleuk is a little Dresden treasure.

Homemade cake heaven.


Louisenstraße 24
01099 Dresden

And the menu:

Café Tanteleuk Menu

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