Friday 5 September | 2014

High summer in Cologne: 16 degrees. No, it is not normal to be wearing our coats in August. But it makes a cosy café with a nice hot coffee all the more attractive.

Cafe Bo
This is a big call to make, but here it is: the best coffee in Cologne is found at Café Bo. The Van Dyck brew is punchy yet smooth, does not hide behind gallons of milk, and is topped off with serious milk foam and a cute homemade butter cookie. The only question is, how do we get it delivered to our desks every morning?

Cafe Bo
The menu here is pared back and practical. You can have a German style breakfast with cold cuts, cheese and rolls, or take one of several fruit, yoghurt and muesli combos, choose plain or cheesy scrambled eggs, or head in the direction of pancakes. There’s no fuss, but everything is done well and simply tastes great.

Cafe Bo
Including the scrambled eggs, which were taken off the heat at just the right moment. The natural version are lightly seasoned, while the cheesy eggs carry only a hint of cheese, just enough to keep you interested until the last bite. Both are perfectly cooked, and come with light white toast that is obvious but unusual in this land of heavy rye and vollkorn loaves.

Cafe Bo
The pancakes are fluffy, which makes us want to clap. We’ve had some really strange pancakes lately, but these ones are just right, and Café Bo is beginning to get a reputation for them. They are served with organic maple syrup, from a store bought bottle that should really be a miniature glass jug, to match the other pretty details like the vintage plates and our cutlery.

Cafe Bo
Beyond coffee is a fridge full of boutique brand drinks and even Red Bull, if it was that kind of night. Fresh mint tea and ginger tea round out a really diverse beverage selection, with the ginger tea being especially good.

Cafe Bo
The corner table is super comfortable with its padded bench seating, meaning neither of us want to leave, so our attention turns to the cake cabinet.

Cafe Bo
The treasure chest includes a brownie cake with walnuts, a brownie cheesecake, a carrot cake and a carrot cheesecake, illustrating a very efficient kitchen! With big eyes we go for the majestic looking carrot cheesecake, a delicious reinterpretation of a long time favourite of mine.

Cafe Bo
Carrot cake is an absolute classic down under. Our mothers make it, our aunts make it, and everyone has their own favourite recipe. Which they can all go and tear up, because the carrot cheesecake at Café Bo has officially won the competition. It is out of this world, a truly delicious signature slice that will have us coming back for a lot more.

Cafe Bo
And that’s the problem with finding places like Café Bo – we just want to return, instead of going out and exploring somewhere new. Lucky there are two days in a weekend.

Breakfast minimalism at its best.

Café Bo’s menu and a sample daily menu can be found here:

Cafe Bo Specials Menu Cafe Bo Breakfast Menu

Café Bo
Luxemburger Straße 315
50939 Köln

Café Bo | Cologne
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