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Finding great, inexpensive food in Cannes is an entertaining little challenge. Tourist food abounds in this luxurious conference town, and what should be reliable advice becomes distorted by glowing reports on truly revolting meals, just because it was expensive and everybody else said it was great. It was not, Carlton Hotel.

So where to eat in Cannes? Skip the snails and head to Sushi Shop, the killer French sushi chain with style and substance. Dinner at Le Petit Paris won’t disappoint either, especially when you order crème brûlée for dessert and they serve you three different varieties, then after arriving at cloud nine you notice that your partner still has most of a dark chocolate molten soufflé on his plate.

boulangerie belliard
Once the food coma (or Gutter Bar stupor) wears off and you’ve slept beyond the hotel breakfast hours, count yourselves lucky. Instead of cardboard tasting cereal and bad yoghurt, you will now be following the locals to Boulangerie Belliard, for real French brioche, croissants, apricot danishes, eclairs, quiche, pies, and savoury lunch options like fish, potatoes and other vegetables.

craquelin brioche
Boulangerie Belliard also makes this divine little bread creation. Humble human, meet craquelin brioche, a cross between sugared choux buns and buttery brioche with almost as many layers as a croissant. It tastes as amazing as it looks, and tearing off the individual slices makes it all the more indulgent.

boulangerie belliard
You can take your craquelin brioche to the beach, or just sit at the outside tables and dangle layers of its crisp sugared buttery glory in front of innocent passers by. You could also pull up a chair next to the gorgeous resident black labrador.

Boulangerie Belliard’s eclairs are cut in half before being filled – a faux pas in the eyes of many experts, but a tribute to the wonderful homemade tastes and hearty textures that you can enjoy here.

boulangerie belliard
You’ll also discover some interesting sweet treats not found in a typical boulangerie: spot above the raspberry clafoutis, the German beesting cake, rum baba, and what might be a row of Italian minni di virgini.

boulangerie belliard
The baguettes are worthwhile too, and a wise choice with the small Monop’ supermarket just around the corner, where you can raid its stashes of French cheese, ham and unsalted butter.

boulangerie belliard
Now left with a pile of croissant crumbs, quiche crumbles and sticky fingers, what happened to the lovely close-up pictures of my chosen brunch fare? It’s very simple really. The dog ate them.

For locals and treasure hunters only.

Boulangerie Belliard’s price lists are here:

Boulangerie Belliard pricelist 1 Boulangerie Belliard pricelist 2

Boulangerie Belliard
1 Rue Chabaud
06400 Cannes

Boulangerie Belliard | Cannes
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