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Sudstadt Bonn
Everyone in Bonn wants to live in the Südstadt. The coveted Gründerzeit heritage buildings are as beautiful inside as their elaborate facades outside, boasting large windows and high ceilings, princess worthy balconies, and original floors laden with high-end furniture. The other attraction is the burgeoning café and restaurant scene nearby.

Black Coffee Pharmacy
One of these Südstadt hotspots is Black Coffee Pharmacy. The year-old café is an extension of the local coffee cart that goes by the same very cool name. A few steps in the door and we are smitten with the super stylish interior: industrial AEG lamps, candles, sleek artwork, oversized mirrors, fresh flowers on the tables and – more creatively – also on the floor.

Black Coffee Pharmacy
Take your seat – choose from the various high tables or the cosy window box, or make you way upstairs to the mezzanine floor where there is space for just two. At Black Coffee Pharmacy, the tables are small and the atmosphere intimate. Conversations are punctuated by the sounds of the espresso machine.

Black Coffee Pharmacy
Despite not having a kitchen, Black Coffee Pharmacy serves a really decent range of food. Above is the petit déjeuner (€3.00) which includes a crusty artisan croissant, raspberry jam, and seasonal fresh fruit salad with mint. But the coffee is the real star of the show here – starting with the cappuccino (€2.40). The custom 60:40 blend roasted by Cologne’s artisan roaster heilandt is really excellent, and does a great job of bringing in the locals on this rainy Sunday morning.

Black Coffee Pharmacy
Other brunch options include house made muesli, quiche with bacon or spinach, or fresh filled sandwiches tied with paper and string bows.

Black Coffee Pharmacy
The attention to detail is evident everywhere – hidden in this cheese sandwich (€3.00) are two aromatic basil leaves that really bring the salad to life. More delicious coffee? A mocha? No problem! The friendly barista makes us whatever we like.

Black Coffee Pharmacy
Popular coffee accessories include the marble and banana cakes (€2.00), one swirled with fudgey chocolate, and the other studded with cherries. Both loaves are dense and homemade, and offer a serious sugar hit, just in case the coffee was not enough to wake us up.

Black Coffee Pharmacy
If you’re feeling more indulgent, there’s also a very rich looking brownie cake, or a fleur de sel caramel brownie slice. We want to come back here, so we are saving these for next time.

Black Coffee Pharmacy
Previously a pharmacy store room, this chic little spot is easily our favourite café in Bonn.

The perfect prescription for a cold winter’s day.

Black Coffee Pharmacy

See the menu here:

Black Coffee Pharmacy Menu FoodBlack Coffee Pharmacy Menu Drinks

Black Coffee Pharmacy
Bonner Talweg 46b
53113 Bonn

Black Coffee Pharmacy | Bonn
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  • Fri, 21 November 2014 at 7:11 pm

    I love this little coffee shop so much! It started around a year ago when I was just strolling around the “Südstadt” on a sunday afternoon and needed something to warm me up. The people are super nice, the atmosphere is cozy and most importantly the drinks and the food are wonderful 🙂


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