Friday 28 November | 2014

Winter is just around the corner – or should I say, just beyond the weekend. For those of you who would rather skip the freezing months ahead, we have a solution: turn up your heaters, make yourself an iced tea, and let’s go to pretty Düsseldorf on a late summer’s day instead.

Bazzar Caffe
Several other time travelling machines have already arrived before us at Bazzar Caffe, unless these curious metal objects are really just fascinating sculptures. As always, this iconic Düsseldorf hotspot is abuzz with well dressed locals, who are enjoying their weekend ritual of classy breakfast fare, the morning newspaper, and rockstar coffee.

Bazzar Caffe
Rockstar coffee is no exaggeration. This is one of the impressive latte art creations by Dritan Alsela, a world class barista with a fan club stretching into the hundreds of thousands. And to clear up the question being asked in numerous forums – at Bazzar Caffe, this is a cappuccino (€2.90). The latte (€3.10) is instead served in a tall glass, and unlike its distant Australian cousins, it comes without latte art.

Dritan’s huge following is justifed by his perfect microfoam, effortless grace, and super speed. Want to try this at home? The talented Dritan shares his skills with us in the video above, making the free poured swan, rosette and layered hearts look a whole lot easier than they really are.

Bazzar Caffe
Beyond coffee, Bazzar Caffe has a rather special breakfast menu too, which focuses on lots of fresh ingredients arranged artfully in full colour. The eggs benedict (€7.90) usually comes with salmon, but on request we are spoilt with a prosciutto version. It is authentic with a twist – the crunchy buttermilk bun adds some very welcome texture.

Bazzar Caffe
The omelette is pizza inspired, both in the tomato, mozzarella and basil topping, and also in its enormous size! The table basket of Italian bread becomes a helpful assistant to finishing this dish.

Bazzar Caffe
The pancakes with banana and nuts (€5.90) have soaked up all their maple syrup, switching their fluffy texture for a fudgey, squishy, sticky, eat-these-and-crawl-back-into-bed kind of indulgence.

Bazzar Caffe
Needless to say, we have eaten too much and it is now time to roll out the door. But before we leave to wander the park and style stalking territory of the Königsallee, we have the pleasure of talking to the lovely Dritan. Friendly, genuine and humble too, we wish him the very best of success.

Europe’s latte fine art gallery.

View the standard and specials menus here:

 Bazzar Caffe Menu  Bazzar Caffe menu

Bazzar Caffe
Heinrich-Heine-Allee 53
40213 Düsseldorf

Bazzar Caffe | Düsseldorf
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