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 Amsterdam Van Gogh
You have to give credit to a city that is brave enough to legalise marijuana and represent itself with XXX symbol, while hosting some of the world’s best art collections and providing tours of the sobering Anne Frank House. Amsterdam really is an open-minded, bustling hub of creativity, with fun loving people and a great food and drink scene too.

Bakers & Roasters Amsterdam
Confession time – this is not our first visit to Bakers & Roasters. In one of our first blog posts last year we raved about this typical Kiwi style brunch spot right here in Amsterdam, not to mention the buzzing atmosphere it boasts. So after breakfasts two, three and four here we thought it was time to move on and try something new – the lunch options!

Bakers & Roasters Amsterdam
Surrounded by kitschy icons from a faraway world, we complete our New Zealand scene with a Monteith’s Beer (€4.00) and a latte in a short glass. The coffee at Bakers & Roasters is really special, a claim to fame for Ozone beans and a lesson for the rest of Europe on how to foam milk properly.

Bakers & Roasters Amsterdam
Pies are a favourite lunch option back home, involving rich flaky pastry encasing lots of chunky lean meat and just a little gravy.

Bakers & Roasters Amsterdam
The Bakers & Roasters lamb pie (€9.00) ticks all of these boxes, and gets bonus points for the smashing homemade mint sauce and perfect side of dressed rocked with toasted sunflower seeds.

Bakers & Roasters Amsterdam
New Zealand’s cuisine mixes dishes from all around the world, with lots of fusion going on and often two or three ingredients too many (by Italian standards, four or five too many). The long list in this superfood green bowl with avocado (€12) pushes these boundaries – with curly kale, crunchy apple, fresh and shelled peas, barley, dried cranberries and much more – but wow, it works. It’s amazing, my stomach is singing!

Bakers & Roasters Amsterdam
All that healthy food calls for a slice of cake afterwards. It is near impossible to walk past the line-up of sweet treats on the Bakers & Roasters counter without caving in to the red velvet cake, sky high carrot cake, caramel slice or hummingbird cake (€5.00) above with banana, walnuts, pineapple, coconut and cream cheese frosting.

Bakers & Roasters Amsterdam
Lolly cake is also a permanent resident at Bakers & Roasters. The super sweet sticky fridge roll made with malt biscuits, condensed milk and hard marshmallow candy was a lunchbox staple for most Kiwi kids at school in the 90’s.

Bakers & Roasters Amsterdam
A new building extension out the back complete with skylight and a big communal bench table means that even more people can fit into the busy Bakers & Roasters space. Otherwise, head for the podium and order a boozy cocktail to kick off your Sunday morning while you wait.

Legendary, as always.

Bakers & Roasters
Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54
1072 BH Amsterdam

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Bakers and Roasters Menu

Bakers & Roasters II | Amsterdam
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