Roamers | Berlin

Friday 6 March | 2015

Brandenburger Gate Horses
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain. For this strong and almost irresistible urge to travel the world, the Germans too have a beautiful expression: wanderlust.

Roamers Berlin
Wanderlust is also the theme of hipster hotspot Roamers, hidden away in the back streets of Neukölln. It is a refreshing change to all the industrial styled cafes with their factory lights and exposed walls – instead Roamers is full of exotic plants. Curios abound here – an old suitcase, a vintage travel guide to California, a pinecone, and some scissors once treasured by a biologist. (more…)

The Barn | Berlin

Friday 27 February | 2015

Valentines Day Berlin
Valentine’s Day in Berlin – a city that has fallen madly in love with coffee. Sydney and Melbourne take their daily caffeine addictions seriously, and San Francisco too, but Berlin is heading to a whole new level – think third wave coffee, custom roasting, scales and thermometers, competitions and cupping events – all this now offered at your local café.

The Barn Coffee
Leading the pack is The Barn, which has an awfully casual name for being a sophisticated laboratory dedicated to the pursuit of perfect coffee in Berlin Mitte. Easily qualifying as one of the leading micro roasters in Germany, the Barn crew are coffee fanatics, eager to please you with a Kalita, AeroPress, Japanese siphon, or just an ordinary cappuccino. (more…)

Silo Coffee | Berlin

Friday 20 February | 2015

Silo Coffee
The sprawling urban chaos of Berlin has changed a lot since our last visit five years ago. It’s cooler, edgier, and even more international – a bustling creative hub so unlike other German cities. English is replacing German, luxury brands are moving in, Mykita is making these uber-cool sunnies, and there’s a pop-up store in Bikini Berlin for onesies. Europe’s start-up wonderland is growing fast, and as a city reinventing itself it is really pushing the boundaries. This Valentine’s Day, we declare our love for Berlin.

Silo Coffee 02
Silo Coffee represents the introverted side of this awesome city and is full of such types. As the name implies, it’s design style is industrial, almost austere, and tables are not at all communal. As you might expect, ordering and payment is transactional and both are done at the counter.  (more…)

Jaz Café | Bonn

Friday 13 February | 2015

Bonn Winter
There are officially 15 days of winter left, not that we are counting down or anything. It’s also Friday the 13th – so for those of you who get a little spooked, here’s a wonderful little café where you can really relax, and enjoy a great cup of tea or coffee too – in the gorgeous Altstadt of Bonn.

Jaz Cafe Bonn
Jaz Café stays true to its name. Inside it’s a little bit vintage, with its muted colours, delicate china tea sets, framed pictures and grandad’s sailing boat on the mantelpiece.


De Keuken van Thijs | Utrecht

Friday 30 January | 2015

Utrecht turned out to be a city with several great surprises. Hidden in the countryside is the impressive Castle de Haar and its extensive parkland. While we missed the window for the mandatory guided tour (check the schedule first here) we vow to come back in the springtime with a picnic in hand.

Another nice surprise in Utrecht is De Keuken van Thijs, a sweet little café that prides itself on fresh, homely food which is all made in house. (more…)

Yoghurt Barn | Utrecht

Friday 30 January | 2015

Cross a small part of Amsterdam with several upmarket streets in London, and the result might look something like Utrecht. The gorgeous village atmosphere comes complete with a windmill, stores selling arts and crafts, and a few bars and pubs to while away the hours. It is still too early for tulips on the outskirts of this Dutch city, but the quiet farmland scenes here are a treat for young children – woolly sheep, ducks, a horse, and several brick farmhouses too.

Yoghurt Barn Utrecht
So in keeping with our farmland theme, for breakfast we head towards the most luxurious barn we know, right on the main square of Utrecht – a café known as Yoghurt Barn. (more…)

Bakers & Roasters II | Amsterdam

Friday 23 January | 2015

 Amsterdam Van Gogh
You have to give credit to a city that is brave enough to legalise marijuana and represent itself with XXX symbol, while hosting some of the world’s best art collections and providing tours of the sobering Anne Frank House. Amsterdam really is an open-minded, bustling hub of creativity, with fun loving people and a great food and drink scene too.

Bakers & Roasters Amsterdam
Confession time – this is not our first visit to Bakers & Roasters. In one of our first blog posts last year we raved about this typical Kiwi style brunch spot right here in Amsterdam, not to mention the buzzing atmosphere it boasts. So after breakfasts two, three and four here we thought it was time to move on and try something new – the lunch options!


Little Collins | Amsterdam

Friday 16 January | 2015

Amsterdam Winter
Mid winter in Amsterdam: the adorable brick canal houses stand out behind tangles of bare branches and white washed skies. The usual droves of tourists have reduced to just a scatter, and the resident Dutch are leaving their bicycles and healthy habits at home in favour of fresh waffles and heavenly Vleminckx fries.

Little Collins Amsterdam
As much as we love Dutch cafes, with their creative quirks and fabulous homemade food, we are actually here to visit Little Collins – a true blue Australian establishment, named after a street in the fashionable city of Melbourne, renowned for its world class food and coffee. This morning, after a week of terrible news headlines, this little café makes a big effort to cheer everyone up. (more…)


Friday 9 January | 2015

Winter Germany
News this week: it snowed again, meaning that just behind our double-glazed windows is Antarctica. Nobody wanted to play great explorer, so the plan for the weekend was movies on the couch – we can recommend you Chef for some light entertainment.

Meanwhile our local supermarket began stocking clotted cream, which is a very exciting development if you happen to be a fan of that pukker British invention – scones. (more…)

Cafecafe | Cologne

Friday 2 January | 2015

New year, new beginnings… time to start on that New Year’s resolution. Admittedly after a very busy and indulgent Christmas, and a little too much time spent in the giant freezer that is winter, we are having a slow start into 2015. Lazy, carefree mornings go hand in hand with casual breakfasts, and we know just the spot.

Amongst the hanging baubles, jars of Italian almond cookies and swaths of mistletoe, tightly packed bench tables await you at Cafecafe, Cologne. This small café has a big following of laid back locals at its two branches in central Cologne and Ehrenfeld, who are all here for the relaxed and reliably good breakfast. (more…)