Grain Store | London

Friday 15 May | 2015

Picadilly Circus
With all the rush, stress, and pollution of city life, not to mention late nights in the office and plenty of convenience food, it’s no wonder that most of us seek a sanctuary for good health. So collect your prescription for brunch at Grain Store, another King’s Cross hotspot famed for high quality ingredients, inspired dishes and lots of soul too.

Grain Store London
First we need to wake up though, with Grain Store’s coffee. It’s rugged with notes of cocoa, and we like it very much. The bubbly foam on our latte is welcome new territory, and it looks like a present with its microfoam heart and paradise green saucer.  (more…)

Caravan | London

Friday 8 May | 2015

King's Cross London
London is full on. The city pumps seven days a week, with crowded streets, traffic, great nightlife, and queues for the best food. To take a break from it all, make like these clever pigeons and head to the up-and-coming suburb of King’s Cross. Here you’ll find several stellar brunch hotspots, which have taken up residence in the old converted warehouses.

Caravan 03
Saturday morning, 10am, rain. A queue has built up outside Caravan anyway, and when the doors open everyone floods through the entrance to fill all the tables within 5 minutes flat. To smarten up and make a reservation, visit the website here (weekdays only). (more…)

Kopapa | London

Friday 1 May | 2015

Kopapa London 01
Either you love or hate London. As one of the world’s most expensive cities, many are polarised over whether the high cost of living here is really worth it. But we think it is. On our third visit, we are spoilt again with the apparently rare event that is sunshine, and have the most fantastic day exploring one gorgeous suburb after another.

Kopapa London
The café culture is excellent, led by the locals and many international expats, including the Kiwis. Exhibit A – these are coffees from Kopapa, a New Zealand inspired café by the renowned Peter Gordon, located in the fashionable district of Seven Dials. With classic flavour, lots of milk and a dusting of chocolate, these caffeinated treats are exactly what you’d find in Auckland suburbia. (more…)

Top 10 Brunch Spots in Europe 2015

Friday 24 April | 2015

It’s no secret that Lovebrunch loves brunch. Looking back on our one-year anniversary, we ticked off 50 breakfast spots in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands. Now it’s time to pick our favourites, a task that was much more challenging than we thought! After hours of deliberation, here they are: the Top 10 Brunch Spots in Europe 2015.

Lovebrunch Top 10 Brunch Spots 2015


England, England | Dresden

Friday 17 April | 2015

Dresden Statue
Imagine a Disneyland of England, with all the cliché English culture condensed into a giant theme park, that becomes a raving success while the original England falls apart. The curious Julian Barnes book is called England, England, and is the inspiration for this passionately English themed café in Dresden – also fondly known as England, England.

England England Dresden
Like the book, England, England is a caricature of itself, which is the very intention. And anyway, “Most people, in my opinion, steal much of what they are. If they didn’t what poor items they would be.” – Julian Barnes. There’s a fireplace, old armchairs, lace doilies, a picture of Her Majesty the Queen, and even a grandfather clock to admire. (more…)

Tanteleuk | Dresden

Friday 10 April | 2015

Visiting the old city of Dresden is like wandering through an open air museum. The architecture is jaw dropping, and while there are plenty of locals and tourists around, the pedestrian friendly paths shut out all the traffic noise that so many other cities suffer from. The result is a quiet architectural oasis that might be Germany’s most beautiful city.

Café Tanteleuk Dresden 01
Once upon a time, Dresden was also known as the Jewel Box,  thanks to its baroque and rococo style city centre. And indeed, we have found our own jewel box here today – the cake cabinet of Tanteleuk. (more…)

Hot Cross Buns

Friday 3 April | 2015

Sydney Beach
This is what Easter looks like in Sydney, a particularly devastating scene if you are living in Germany at the moment and also had the April Fool’s Day snow shower (which was really not a joke). Alas, we cannot take to the warm sands of Tamarama Beach this weekend, but we can bring the traditional hot cross buns home to our table.

Hot Cross Buns recipe
Hot cross buns are spiced fruit buns made a little bit special with piped crosses on top. In recent years they have been ‘adapted’ with chocolate instead of fruit, but we sit squarely in the traditionalist camp where currants and raisins reign. This recipe is time consuming, but your weekend is 4 days long and for the homesick Anzacs they are really worth it. (more…)

Heilandt Kaffee | Cologne

Friday 27 March | 2015

Cologne House
It’s 21:05pm on a Friday night after a huge week, and instead of thinking about going out, watching movies or even breakfast tomorrow, I actually have some work to finish. My thoughts have turned to coffee, before I go crazy like this house in Cologne.

Heilandt Kaffee Cologne
And not just any ordinary caffeinated murky brown water, no. I want the good stuff. The artisan beans, single origin heritage, the far flung varieties, the organic and amazing. Nearby in Cologne it is Heilandt Kaffee that ticks my boxes, with a dreamy cappuccino that has this perfect microfoam. (more…)

Papi Crunch | Berlin

Friday 20 March | 2015

Fun things to do in Berlin during winter – iceskating on the roof tops. Today the ice rink on top of Bikini Berlin is drenched in sun, so we take some time out on the nearby terrace, and enjoy the live music. Berlin is good like that. There are as many opportunities to party here as there are to relax, and sometimes you can even combine both at once, like at this breakfast hotspot we’re going to introduce you to.

It was the stunning food photography on the website of Papi Crunch that drew us in to this nightclub-turned-café space. Indeed the dance music is still going quietly, and the bar is only a few metres away, but the windowside tables are flooded with sunshine and the wooden tables and chairs give off a casual Sunday vibe. (more…)

Distrikt Coffee | Berlin

Friday 13 March | 2015

Berlin Reflections
Berlin also does beautiful. On a quiet Sunday morning, wandering through the city you’ll find light and shadows playing on the luckiest of the old buildings, those still standing majestically after the tragedies now behind us.

Distrikt Coffee Berlin
Or maybe your morning stroll is actually more of a cold hearted crusade to sink a triple-shot cappuccino, chased down with sourdough toast or a not-so-healthy bowl of muesli. In this case, arm yourself with cutlery kids, because a fork fight is about to break out at Distrikt Coffee. (more…)