Germany – you are beautiful, you are organised, reliable, intelligent, and cultured too. We love your people, festivals, winter sports, quality housing, stunning scenery, delicious bread, world leading cars, amazing cake shops, and proximity to other countries, to name just a few things.

But your typical brunch offer? For two Sydney expats, it was a 1970’s breakfast nightmare.

We left our weekend rituals of quinoa porridge, kumara hash stacks, coconut toast with honeycomb butter, house made beans on sourdough, ricotta with macadamias and Manuka honey on rye, poached eggs with marinated feta and house smoked salmon breakfast boards, artisan single origin coffee and vegan banana smoothies… for this:

One boiled egg, two slices of ham and cheese, a small plastic container of mass manufactured jam, and one of butter, two white bread rolls that were frozen half an hour ago, and one glass of orange juice. This folks, is the quintessential continental breakfast – the reason you avoid the breakfast at Ibis, the reason why Germans don’t get fat, and the reason why we had to write this blog. There simply must be more out there!

Lovebrunch features the best modern brunch spots in Germany and wider Europe, wherever we happen to be travelling to. We care a lot more about food quality, atmosphere and creativity than cost and service, and promise to publish only genuine, unpaid reviews so that you can really trust our ratings.

Brunch reviews and recipes are posted every Friday, allowing you to get your weekend off to a great start.

A word about ratings

The internet is mean enough – so we only publish reviews of places that earned three hearts or more, up to a maximum of five hearts. If a café features on Lovebrunch, then we recommend spending your Sunday morning there. If it gets five hearts, consider it inspiration for your next vacation!

Lovebrunch is forever on the lookout for:

– Modern menus with lots of choice and interesting options
– Delicious food prepared with high quality ingredients
– Beautiful presentation, and fair serving sizes too
– Excellent coffee and good alternatives like fresh juices, smoothies and teas
– House made cakes and produce, no premixes and frozen shortcuts!
– Great atmosphere, interior designs and decor
– Other little details delivered by someone as passionate about breakfast as we are.

Laura x