Můj šálek kávy | Prague

Friday 29 January | 2016

Prague Snow
A cold winter’s day in Prague… but don’t feel sorry for anyone living there. They’ve got a city that feels like a thriving metropolis despite its small size, beautiful buildings, clean streets, genuine people, and a forward thinking culture that has embraced expats, technology and its burgeoning startup scene.

Muj Salek Kavy Prague
Not to mention the food – from stellar Sa Sa Zu to Meat and Greet (which might even rival Freddy Schilling in Cologne), Prague is dotted with go-to international foodie destinations. We can’t even imagine how you might pronounce the name of this particular cafe properly –Můj šálek kávy – but the baristas are masters of microfoam and you can get a really decent coffee here. (more…)

La Bottega | Prague

Friday 18 December | 2015

Few cities are nicer to visit in winter than they are in the summer – but Prague is certainly one. The frosty cold has driven out most of the tourists, leaving us to dutifully explore this exotic, romantic and exquisitely beautiful city. With Christmas around the corner, the ornate architecture is dripping with fairy lights, the markets are abuzz, and carollers are scattered around castle balconies.

La Bottega
So rug up with a warm coat and scarf, ensure you have plenty of space on your camera, and bring an enormous appetite! Prague also boasts exceptional food, whether you’re enjoying goulash with the locals at a Czech pub (highly recommended here), snacking on cinnamon dusted Trdelník at the markets, or having a lazy weekend brunch at La Bottega Tusarova. (more…)

Excelsior Hotel Ernst | Cologne

Friday 20 November | 2015

Cologne Love Bridge
Life whizzes by all too fast – so it’s important to take time out to celebrate special occasions and milestones with your family and friends. From birthdays and anniversaries, to engagements and christenings, today we’ve found you the perfect spot for a celebratory champagne brunch.

Excelsior Hotel Ernst Cologne
The five star Excelsior Hotel Ernst Cologne is not for the modest, nor those looking for a sleepy eggs-on-toast type of morning affair. Instead the lavish Piano Brunch buffet spans three rooms and three hours, and features white gloved waiters, silver cutlery, a spectacular cheese board, real honeycomb, freshly prepared sushi, and a chocolate fondue station… to name just a few things. (more…)

Teapot | Turin

Friday 15 October | 2015

Grey skies in Turin do nothing to take away the city’s countryside charm and eloquent, quiet soul. It’s a beautiful, glamorous city that’s becoming more popular with tourists and rightly so. From here the gorgeous vineyard villages of Barolo, Asti, Alba and Barbaresco are only an hour away, where you’ll find stunning wine, risotto, hazelnuts, agnolotti and truffles galore.

Teapot Turin
You can’t go to a café called Teapot and not order a pot of tea, right? The tea menu here is several pages long, and your chosen brew arrives freshly pressed. This is the digestive tea (€2.80) – a strong and pungent potion to leave you rather spellbound. (more…)

Nancy’s Sweet Home | Athens

Friday 4 September | 2015

The streets of Athens are a bit of a shock at first, especially if you’re fresh off the plane from another city that’s as clean and pristine as Frankfurt. We’re hit with crumbling pavements, crazy art installations, vibrant people, graffiti, colour, and perhaps most noticeably, 33 degrees. It takes all of two hours to adjust, relax and fall in love with this chaotic capital.

Nancys Sweet Home
A little bit of the madness goes into the best Greek kitchens, which churn out the most unbelievable desserts you can imagine. Think pastry drowned in sticky syrups, cakes swimming in melted chocolate, and plates piled high with ice cream, strawberries, and whipped cream dusted with cinnamon. Only the brave will make it to the last bite at Nancy’s Sweet Home. (more…)

Tserki | Paros

Friday 7 July | 2015

Paros Beach
Paros feels like your own little private island paradise. It’s surrounded by golden sand beaches, crumpled with rugged hills, and dotted with quaint white churches. There are a few different villages here to explore which, with a rental car, will keep you perfectly entertained. And if you can arrive on shoulder season (mid-June for example) then you’ll have lovely warm temperatures and the island all to yourself.

Tserki Paros
Funnily enough, our phones autocorrect Paros to Paris, which is not so far-fetched when you’re standing in the doorway of local patisserie Tserki. And just like the French capital, at Paroikia hotspot Tserki you’ll also find divine chocolate mousses, layered gateaux slices, fluffy sponges, chocolate pots and fruit tarts… everything your sweet tooth could wish for really. (more…)

Just Made 33 | Athens

Friday 31 July | 2015

Athens Instagram Wall
All eyes are on Athens at the moment, with Greece making headlines for all the wrong reasons. But anyone lucky enough to be visiting this beautiful country for the summer break will be spoilt with sunny skies and bright blue oceans, the friendliest people, incredible architecture, stylish streets and amazing food. It is – in short – Grexcellent.

Just Made 33 01
Feeling peckish after a morning of sightseeing? Make your way to Just Made 33. The popular little café is all about fabulous fresh food, including housemade quiches, pastries, superfood salads, and one of the best sandwich lineups we’ve ever seen. (more…)

Kussmaul | Vienna

Friday 12 June | 2015


Vienna is renowned as one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals, having largely escaped the ravages of war. The expensive streets are lined with historical buildings, monuments and even imperial palaces. You can choose to wander Sissy’s city at your own pace, or take a traditional horse and cart ride to soak up the unique atmosphere.


And when you’re ready to break with tradition, there’s Kussmaul. The contemporary glasshouse turns up the volume with an open kitchen, experimental patisserie, bright tableware and music with a beat. There are loads of reasons to come here, but the main one is their weekend brunch. (more…)

Urban House | Bratislava

Friday 5 June | 2015

Bratislava Blue Church

Bratislava might be one of the most exotic places we have ever been to. It’s really a great adventure to turn up to a city that you know nothing about, full of intrigue and expectation, and no clue as to what awaits you. Would it be modern or conservative? Clean or chaotic? Busy or quiet? As it turns out, Bratislava had lots of surprises for us – starting with its iconic blue church.

Urban House

And closely followed by Urban House. Turns out that central Bratislava, while small, is super international – its boutiques are laden with high end clothing, as well as German, Italian and even Australian labels. Tourists are here from Asia and Canada, artisan coffee culture has taken off, and there’s a lot of hipsters with beards walking around. Urban House condenses all of this into one brilliant brunch spot in the heart of the city. (more…)

Sacher vs Demel | Vienna

Friday 29 May | 2015

Sacher vs Demel 01
Vienna fancies itself as the capital of traditional coffeehouse culture, and since 2011 has even earned the UNESCO stamp for its devotion to layer cakes and black gold. So it’s fair to say that on our pursuit of the perfect Sacher torte, we arrived in Vienna with a sweet tooth and high expectations. First stop: the renowned Sacher Eck’.

Sacher vs Demel
I’m not sure how UNESCO defines traditional coffee culture, but it seems to involve an industrial machine where a single button delivers a cappuccino, after you’ve poured some milk into the dispenser and a bag of unlabelled coffee beans in the top. Let’s focus on the cake then, shall we? (more…)